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Слова... Слова... Слова... Это сила. Бесспорно.
Особенно те, которые положены на музыку.
А особенно когда музыка и слова гармонично сочетаются.
И когда музыка "цепляет" за самое сердце...
И особенно когда слова напоминают тебе о чём-то/ком-то дорогом, близком, любимом... И когда ситуация тааааак знакома, что хочется петь, петь, пеееееееть....... Блин! Где тот смайлик, у которого нотки из ротика вылетают?:shy:

I never meant the things I said
To make you cry. Can I say I'm sorry?
It's hard to forget
And yes, I regret all these mistakes.
I don't know why you're leaving me,
But I know you must have your reasons.
There's tears in your eyes,
I watch as you cry, but it's getting late.

Was I invading in on your secrets?
Was I too close for comfort?
You're pushing me out
When I'm wanting in.

What was I just about to discover
When I got too close for comfort,
Driving you home?
Guess I'll never know...

Remember when we scratched our names into the sand
And told me you loved me?
But now that I find
That you've changed your mind.
I'm lost for words.
And everything I feel for you
I wrote down on one piece of paper,
The one in your hand.
You won't understand,
How much it hurts to let you go!

All this time you've been telling me lies,
Hidden in bags that are under your eyes.
And when I asked you I knew I was right,
But if you turn your back on me now,
When I need you most,
But you chose to let me down...

Won't you think about what you're about to do to me
And back down...

What was I just about to discover
When I got too close for comfort
Driving you home
I guess I'll never know...

@музыка: McFly - Lonely

@настроение: хочется любви.

@темы: любовь